I lived in Mountain View, California for almost two years, but it wasn’t until my friend Kevin brought me there almost two years after I left the area that I learned about this magical place. The Bay Area has a lot of parks and trails. To be honest, most of them look similar enough that it all starts to just feel like we’re living in one giant national park.

Shoreline Park, however, has a special place in my heart. I don’t know why, but it’s such a calming place to walk around. Maybe it’s the really flat landscape that extends into the horizon like an ocean without waves; or maybe it’s the windy trails that wrap themselves around the oddly shaped blob of a lake, creating unique sceneries at every step of the way.

My Olympus Pen FV was the perfect camera to bring. The vertical, 4:3 aspect ratio viewfinder easily paints every point of interest. A panoramic or regular full-frame camera might include too much horizontally, which might turn every shot into just another postcard from California.

The three of us walked along a new path this time. Unfamiliar turns, relaxing birds. Basking in the warm afternoon sun and gentle bay breeze, I couldn’t help but appreciate the wonderful serenity this place offered to us. 

“This isn’t the first time you’re here, Donny.”

It wasn’t. But every time, it’s just as refreshing. 

The seemingly random roadside features felt lonely but lovely.

This photo of a rooftop peeking over a small hill is my favorite shot of the entire roll.

The golden glow of the reeds. 

They swung softly in the wind like the breaths of a baby sound asleep. I don’t know what that structure behind them was, but it sure looks cozy tucked in there.

A few more ones I shot on my way home. Even alongside the asphalt road, wonderful objects seem to spring alive with their own spirits. 

A wonderful place I’d like to visit and appreciate again and again.