The pandemic means something different to everyone. For someone who’s always tried to meticulously plan and control how my future unfolds, the lockdown was a period of reckoning.

If there’s anything I learned during this time, it’d be that physical environments are very important to me. When I needed a change, a new challenge, or a spark of inspiration, I always sought out new places: cafes, restaurants, foreign locations, or even new homes. Those not being options for the last two years, I searched inside. Inside my home, and inside myself: how do I move forward, while staying in place?

My answer is probably different than yours, but I hope that the emotional journey of forging a new life in this new and reluctant reality is something that many of us can resonate with. This is my motivation for making this photo book.

_Moving Forward in Place_ is a collection of (kind of) diptychs divided into 5 chapters. Each chapter aims to trace the emotional contour of a period of time in lockdown—from moments of depression to glimmers of hope; from the mundane minutiae of everyday life to the highlights of an expedition to the outside world.

I hope you can find something in these images that resonates with you.