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Downtown with the “Speed Panchro II”

There’s actually an entire collection of film photos taken in and around the 25th Ave downtown in San Mateo that just happened to accumulate in my library. We used to visit that eclectic street quite a lot, for our optometrist, Chinese food, and the post office. Just by chance, I always ended up with some […]

Portraits in Shoreline Park

Believe me, I don’t only photograph Shoreline Park, despite what it may look like on this blog. But when you live practically next to one of the most underrated gems in the Bay Area, it’s hard not to end up with rolls and rolls of this place. This time, I brought my Mamiya 7, the […]

A Golden Afternoon at Shoreline Park

I lived in Mountain View, California for almost two years, but it wasn’t until my friend Kevin brought me there almost two years after I left the area that I learned about this magical place. The Bay Area has a lot of parks and trails. To be honest, most of them look similar enough that it […]